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Equity Group Foundation to host its 8th Annual Education and Leadership Congress at Alliance Girls High School

1,959 Form Four students under the Equity Group Foundation to be trained on life skills by role models in business, leadership and academia.

8th April, 2017… Equity Group Foundation (EGF) will host its 8th Annual Education and Leadership Congress for Form 4 Wings to Fly scholars from 8th to 13th April 2017 at Alliance Girls High School, Kikuyu. This year’s theme will be 'From a Class Reader to a World Leader', which will focus on practical ways of making the scholars embrace servant leadership with a global worldview as a lifestyle.

 This year, the scholars will be mentored by various leaders derived from both private and public sectors who will tackle various scheduled topics. Among them will be; Education CS Dr. Fred Matiang'i who will speak on Integrity & Leadership, and the German Ambassador to Kenya, Mrs. Jutta Frasch, who will take the student through the habits of a young leader.

According to Equity Group Foundation Chairman Dr. James Mwangi, the Annual Education and Leadership Congress is the highlight of the leadership, mentoring and social transformation programs run by EGF under its Education Pillar. “While we view the Wings to Fly scholars as disruptors of the social economic challenges ailing their families, communities and ultimately the country, their ability to do so is predicated on developing the qualities and mindsets of ethical and enlightened leadership.”

“The Congress seeks to nurture these skills, build character and ethics as well as create a global mindset. This is achieved through exposing them to mentoring opportunities by outstanding role models drawn from business, professionals, academia, the public service as well as partners and supporting them to put into practice what they learn. The congress also serves as the primary networking forum amongst the scholars and lays the foundation for cohesion, long-term conversations and collaborations towards creating transformational change”, added Dr Mwangi.

The 2014 cohort currently in Form 4 have had three other congresses while in Form 1, 2, and 3 under the following themes:
  • Value Based Leadership in  2014
  • Preparing Ethical Leaders for a Global Society in 2015
  • Leadership  and Giving in 2016
In addition to leadership presentations from the selected speakers, the congress will also accommodate components on Career & Counselling and fostering healthy relationships. The careers’ session will seek to raise awareness on technical and vocational education and training (TVET) opportunities as an alternative career path in line with the program's transition model recently launched in a partnership with the German Government through its implementing agency KfW and the Ministry of Education Science and Technology. The inaugural commissioning held in January 2017 saw close to 3,000 Wings to Fly scholars benefit from the programme.

Additionally there will be a sports day and a talent show, during which sports and performing arts talents will be celebrated. Managers of national teams including basketball and volleyball participated in the last April congress and offered to extend scholarships to Wings to Fly scholars who displayed talents in these two sports and will be scouting for similar talent during this year's congress. In addition, Athletes in Action will be invited to support in talent identification and development. Popular sports personalities (one man, one woman) from the arts and sports fields will also be included in the congress timetable to enrich scholars' congress experience.

Wings to Fly program was launched in 2010 with an initial aim of availing 5000 scholarships from The MasterCard Foundation. The program has since grown and surpassed its target to benefit 14,168 scholars to date.

About EGF Education Congress:

Wings to Fly ProgramLevels of Mentorship
This Annual National Congress is in line with the Wings to Fly Mentorship program which spells out 3 levels of mentorship as below: -
  1. Level one involves school visits where scholars are visited by their mentors at least once every term of the year. Mentors are recruited from among ELP scholars, EBL staff and volunteers. Each mentor is matched to a maximum of 5 mentees. This mentoring is primarily focused on academic improvement.
  2. Level two captures Community Scholarships Selection Board (CSSB) mentoring held at a branch level during April and August school holidays. It involves bringing together the guardians, scholars, CSSB members and branch staff in a common forum to ensure the scholars remain connected to family and the community that selected them for the scholarship . It also creates shared responsibility for the scholars and helps to connect the scholars to local leadership.
  3.   Level three mentoring brings the scholars together through the Annual Education Leadership Congress, to interact and learn from local and global leaders. This level also focuses on leadership mentoring, exposure to successful individuals in government, private industry and social sectors and seeks to instil in the scholars

About Wings to Fly programme

Equity Group Foundation and The MasterCard Foundation with additional funding support from USAID, UKAid, KfW, Equity Bank, individuals and institutions under the Wings to Fly program has been implementing a comprehensive secondary scholarship support program for top performing yet needy (orphan or vulnerable) students in the sub-counties across Kenya. In providing this opportunity to Kenyan children who may have otherwise gone unnoticed, the Wings to Fly program is in line with Kenya’s Vision 2030 blueprint to transform Kenya into a middle-income economy led by well-educated and trained citizens.
The objective of the scholarship program is to provide financial support and leadership empowerment tools to such students. The scholars under this program receive support for all their needs (tuition, accommodation, books, uniform, and transport to and from school, shopping and pocket money) while attending secondary school for the 4 years. The total number of scholarships given under the Wings to Fly program is 14, 168 since 2010.

Equity Group Foundation
Equity Group Foundation was established by Equity Group to create the financial and operational infrastructure for its social programs aimed at the low-income population. This innovation and creative vehicle has fully transformed the concept of philanthropy and corporate social responsibility. While Equity Group Foundation champions the social economic transformation of the people of Africa and seeks partnership along seven cluster thematic areas, Equity Bank provides the infrastructure of delivery hence reducing the operational cost of the Foundation and increasing the rate of return on any social investment. The seven key social thematic areas are Education and Leadership development, Financial Literacy, Financial Inclusion, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Agriculture, Health, and Environment.

http://www.facebook.com/KeEquityBank, https://twitter.com/KeEquityBank

Alex Muhia
Equity Bank Group
T: 0763 618871 Office 0763 026007
E: Alex.Muhia@equitybank.co.ke

Carol Wairugu
Ogilvy Public Relations Ltd
T: 0764515797
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