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Paying Taxes
Paying Taxes
How do I pay my taxes at Equity Bank?

To pay your taxes at an Equity Bank branch, all you need is an E-slip from KRA and the amount you require to pay. The E-slips are obtained from KRA offices.

What is the process of paying my taxes?
  • Walk into any Equity Bank branch near you.
  • Present your E-slip and the amount you would like to pay to the cashier.
  • The cashier will use your e-slip number and the amount to effect the payment.
  • You will then be issued with a receipt confirming the payment.
  • What taxes can I pay at Equity Bank?
  • You can pay all taxes including customs and excise duty.
From which channels can I pay my taxes?

Payment of taxes can be done at any of our branches.

If I need to make an inquiry at the Bank, who can I consult?

Our customer service officers and the branch manager are always at hand to help you.

What is the acceptable mode of payment?

You can pay your taxes through;

  • Cash
  • Equity Bank Cheques
  • Bankers Cheques from other banks
  • Cheques guaranteed by KRA
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MoneyGram Transfers
MoneyGram Transfers
Why should I use MoneyGram?

It is a fast, safe, easy, reliable and convenient way to send or receive money in minutes around the world.

How do I send Money using MoneyGram?
  • Bring some identification e.g. Passport and fill in a short simple form
  • Pay the amount of money you want to send plus the MoneyGram service fee
  • You will be given a MoneyGram reference number
  • Contact the person receiving the money and give them this number
What am I required to have to receive Money via MoneyGram?
  • Request the money transfer reference number from the sender
  • Visit an Equity Bank Branch with the acceptable identification with you
  • Provide the reference number and complete a simple form
  • Issued with the money in local currency
  • MoneyGram/Western Union Self-Funding
What is the Process I need to follow to send money into my account?
  • Send money via MoneyGram/Western Union using the names appearing on your Equity account.
  • Visit the Equity Bank limited website and fill the Western Union self-funding form.
  • Scan and send the form to the
Who is eligible for using the MoneyGram/Western Union Self-Funding service?

Kenyans living in the Diaspora and have an account with Equity Bank Limited.

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Visa Personal Payments (VPP)
Visa Personal Payments (VPP)
How do I send money using Visa Personal Payments (VPP)?

Visa Personal Payments is available on all Equity Bank ATMs. This service will be enabled on all online and mobile banking channels soon. All that is required to send money is the beneficiary

How do I receive money using Visa Personal Payments?

To receive funds through Visa Personal Payments, all you need to do is to provide the sender with your 16 Digit Visa card number on the front of your Visa Equity Bank card. Funds will be made available in your account as soon as the sender completes the transaction.

What types of Visa Cards are eligible to receive Visa Personal Payments remittances?

All Equity Bank Visa Debit, Visa Credit and re-loadable Visa Prepaid cards.

What types of Visa Cards can Equity Bank customers send Visa Personal Payments remittances to?

All Visa Debit, Visa Credit and re-loadable Visa Prepaid cards issued in Kenya and the rest of Africa.

How does the recipient access the funds transferred to his/her Visa Card?

The funds received using the Visa Personal Payments service are deposited into the recipient

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Airtel Money
Airtel Money
How do I register for Equity Mobile Banking with Airtel Money?

All you need to have is an Equity Bank Account, and registered on Airtel Money. Go to your nearest Equity Bank Branch and fill in form for Mobile Banking with Airtel Money. The Bank will initiate the link between your Bank account and airtel money account.

Do I need to have a bank account to have an Airtel Money account?

No, you do not need to have a Bank account to have an Airtel Money Account, however with an Airtel Money account you can access your bank account from any of our partner banks.

What are some of the benefits of the service to customers?

The service will enable the unbanked and under-banked to enjoy the benefits of mobile payments, while also giving us the opportunity to better serve Airtel customers.

Who will be able to access the service?

The service will benefit both Airtel customers and Equity customers who use Airtel lines. Airtel has committed to deliver innovative and relevant mobile commerce solutions that make life easier for its customers. The partnership therefore boosts the customer familiarity to mobile banking services.

Which are your partner banks you currently have?

We have Standard Chartered and Cooperative Bank. Today we formally introduce Equity Bank (the largest retail bank in Kenya and EA) as our Mobile Banking Partner.

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Agency Banking
Agency Banking
How do I confirm that a certain Equity Agent is legitimate?
  • The outlet should be branded with the official Equity Agent colours
  • The outlet should have a 6 digit code clearly displayed
  • The outlet should have an Agency accreditation certificate from Equity Bank
  • The outlet should have a transaction register book, duly branded with the Equity logo
  • The outlet should have a white plastic sign with the Equity Agent logo
What should I do when in doubt over Agency Banking authenticity?

When in doubt, get in touch with your nearest branch or call our dedicated 24 hour Contact Centre using any of the below numbers;

  • 0711025000
  • 0202744000
  • 0734108000
In the event that I am unhappy, how do I get assisted and where can I report my disappointment or seek help?

In case of any dissatisfaction, queries or disputes, please do not hesitate to report the Agent to your nearest branch or call our dedicated 24 hour contact centre using any of the numbers below:

  • 0711025000
  • 0202744000
  • 0734108000
Is making a transaction at an Agent location secure?

Transacting at an Agent location is extremely secure and therefore you have no reason to feel uneasy about visiting an Agent. An SMS confirmation of the transaction that includes a reference number in case of any queries (This is for customers that transact using their mobile phone on Eazzy 247) or;

  • A printed receipt confirming the status of the transaction (This is for customers that transact using their Equity Bank debit cards).
  • These transaction alerts are generated by Equity Bank and hence confirm that the Agent has processed the transaction successfully.

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Western Union
Western Union
Do I need a bank account to send money?

No, you can send money without holding a bank account.

When will the money be available to the receiver?

Immediately* after you have completed the transaction.

Does the beneficiary have to pay fees?

No, all fees are paid by the sender.

What do I need to communicate to the beneficiary?

Senders name

Sending country/city of origin

Amount sent in local currency

Do I need to add a test question?

Yes, any transfer to Africa needs a test question for security reasons.

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