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Jamii Safi Loan
What is Jamii Safi loan?

This is a loan facility that enables a customer to borrow funds towards access to sanitation facilities. This includes construction of pit latrines and toilets, septic tanks, connections to sewer lines, biogas digesters and much more.

Who is the eligible for the Jamii Safi loan facility?

Equity Bank customers, either individuals or those in groups qualify for this loan facility. The account must have been operational for at least 3 months.

What are other benefits of Jamii Safi loan?

For maximum benefit to our customers, Equity bank has identified qualified service providers and suppliers of sanitation products in different regions where customers can obtain high quality products and services. Customers are however free to obtain such services and products from dealers of their choice.

What is the repayment period of Jamii Safi loan?

This facility has flexible loan repayment terms.