Equity prepaid card


Which Equity cards can I use to pay bus fare?

You can use your Equity PrePaid Card, Equity MasterCard with PayPass or Equity Visa Card with payWave to pay bus fare.

The Equity PrePaid Card

Where do I sign up for the PrePaid Card?

You can apply for your PrePaid Card at your nearest Equity Agent

What are the requirements for one to apply?

All you need is your original National ID/valid passport and a duly filled in Equity PrePaid Card registration form. Parents can apply for cards for their children below 18 years.

Do I have to be an Equity Bank customer to apply for the PrePaid Card?

You do not have to be an Equity Bank account holder to qualify for the PrePaid Card.

How do I activate the card?

For your new card to be active, all you need is to check your balance at an Equity Agent or Equity Bank ATM.

How do I top-up cash in my card?

You can Top-up your card using Eazzy 247 (This service is only available to registered Equity Bank account holders), Equitel, MPESA transfers and at any Equity Bank Agent.

How do I know the balance in my Card?

To check your balance, please visit any Equity Agent or ATM machine and inquire for your balance using your card. You will also get a balance notification through an SMS after top up and successful transactions.

How much will I pay to acquire the PrePaid Card?

The Equity PrePaid Card is FREE.

What should I do when I lose the card?

Report your lost card by calling our contact centre number: +254 763 063 000 or visit your nearest Equity Bank branch.

The Equity MasterCard with PayPass and Visa Card with payWave

How do I get the Equity MasterCard with PayPass or Equity Visa Card with payWave?

You will get any of the cards when you open an account with us. Those without an Equity card can also apply for an Equity card and get it instantly.

Do I get a receipt when I pay my fare with Equity MasterCard with PayPass / Visa Card with payWave?

Yes, you will get a receipt every time you pay fare with your card.

What if I accidentally tap twice, will I be charged twice?

PayPass / payWave technology ensures that you will only be billed once, even if you tap the terminal multiple times for the same transaction.

Where else can I use my Equity MasterCard with PayPass / Visa Card with payWave?

You can use your card whenever you see the payWave or PayPass logo.

Do PayPass and payWave transactions cost more?

No, PayPass and payWave transactions are free.

Can payment be deducted without my knowledge? For example, if I walk past a terminal?

No, PayPass /payWave only work if you are extremely close to the terminal (within 1-2 cm). This minimizes any accidental purchases from happening.

What is the maximum amount I can use PayPass / payWave for without inputting my PIN?

PayPass/payWave limit for public transport payment is Ksh. 200, transactions limit at other outlets is Ksh. 3000. Above this limits a pin or signature is required for authorization.